Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pentagon perception manager knows how to manipulate search engine algorithm

The Pentagon announced today that the internet is an active “Operational Domain” for the military. In fact the internet was already targeted by the Pentagon in its 2003 Information Operations Roadmap that outlined a strategy to “fight the net” as if it were an enemy weapons system. The strategy as outlined for the public involves protecting “national security” and sensitive government networks from hack attacks.

Information warfare is the front line of battle in the 21st Century, a fact that the Pentagon is clearly aware of.

“Perception manager” John Rendon is a key figure in the information war. As Rolling Stone reports, his job was to sell the Iraq war to the American people, but Rendon firmly denies any involvement. As of 2005, John’s firm, the Rendon Group, has earned more than $56 million in Pentagon contracts. Read More