Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Olympics force London tenants out of homes

"Stunning two bedroom two bathroom apartment, near Olympic Park, with stunning views, STG3000 ($A4818) a week," reads the online advertisement of a London estate agent specialising in London Olympic Lets 2012.

The property, in the redeveloped former Docklands of east London, is among hundreds being offered to well-heeled Olympic guests.

Other, even more extreme examples, include a weekly price tag of STG9995 for an "exceptionally spacious" apartment with three double bedrooms.

Near the Olympic stadium in Stratford, east London, a six-bedroom, four-storey luxury home, created from a barn conversion, will set you back STG60,000 a week, according to website zoopla.

In a city where living space - and especially affordable living space - is notoriously scarce, greedy landlords are out to profit from this summer's Olympic Games, in what has already been termed the Olympic Gold Rush, according to housing charities.

On Tuesday, housing charity Shelter warned that there was "increasing evidence" of landlords acting "unscrupulously and illegally," giving tenants little time to leave their homes.

On April 1, French politics student Melissa Levaillant received an email from her landlord, telling her that she would have to move out by May 21.

"Please leave your flat well cleaned and take the rubbish out," read the email. Read More