Saturday, May 12, 2012

"N.Korea's GPS Jamming Is Terrorism Pure and Simple" -- Over 600 planes have now been jammed creating a dangerous situation in South Korean airspace

North Korea has been sending GPS jamming signals since April 28, wreaking havoc with civilian aviation and fishing fleets. Over the last 12 days, 624 passenger planes operated by Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, and 49 foreign carriers were affected by GPS jamming and one U.S. military aircraft on the way from Beijing to Yokohama also experienced disruption. There were four close calls where passenger jets approaching Incheon and Gimpo airports abruptly shifted course when their GPS malfunctioned and landed only after circling the airports.

One wrong move by the pilot during a GPS malfunction could lead to a major accident. Sending GPS jamming signals aimed at civilian passenger planes and ships is clearly an act of terrorism.

But the government here has yet to explain to the public just how dangerous GPS jamming signals are, and the ministries of Defense and of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs and the Korea Communications Commission are unable to come up with a concerted response. more