Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nicolas Sarkozy accuses François Hollande of slander in French presidential election debate

Ahead of the second round of voting on May 6, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist frontrunner François Hollande trade barbs in a live election debate watched by millions.

A televised debate between France's presidential election rivals veered repeatedly into schoolyard bickering on Wednesday, with Socialist François Hollande mocking Nicolas Sarkozy for having no other defence than to keep calling him a liar.

Their body language also betrayed the rivals' differing stress levels. Mr Hollande, running well ahead in polls, was unflappable and poised while Mr Sarkozy, battling to stave off defeat in Sunday's runoff, was twitchy, agitated and on edge.

When Mr Sarkozy growled that Mr Hollande was slanderous to say he had eased taxes on the rich, the Socialist burst out laughing. Read More