Monday, May 28, 2012

Nicola Furlong Murder: 2 American Men Arrested, Japan

Tokyo (CNN) -- Police have detained two American men as part of an investigation into the strangling death of an Irish exchange student in Tokyo, Japanese authorities said Sunday.

Nicola Furlong, 21, was found dead in a hotel room with one of the men, according to Tokyo police.

The men were not charged in Furlong's death. Rather, police arrested the men on suspicion of improperly touching Furlong's friend in a taxi early Thursday, as the four headed back to the hotel, authorities said.

Authorities would not say how the four ended up together, but Japanese media reported that the women were attending a Nicki Minaj concert in Tokyo when they met the men and decided to accompany them to their hotel rooms.

Police said both men in custody were entertainers -- a 19-year-old musician and a 23-year-old dancer -- but did not say if they were part of Minaj's entourage. Read More