Thursday, May 3, 2012

Neo-Nazi sheriff candidate guns down toddler and three adults in suicidal body armour-clad killing spree in Arizona

A well known neo-Nazi who was campaigning to be a county sheriff has been named as the man who killed four members of a family, including a toddler, in Gilbert, Arizona today.

Law enforcement sources have said that Jason 'J.T.' Ready, a former member of the National Socialist Movement, was responsible for the deaths at a property in the affluent suburb.

The shootings took place around 1 p.m and dozens of police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene after neighbours reported shots having been fired.

Although not officially confirmed by police in Gilbert, it is thought that J.T Ready shot and killed his 47-year old girlfriend, Lisa Mederos, Lisa's daughter 22-year-old Amber Mederos, Amber's 22-year-old boyfriend Jim and Amber's 2-year old daughter Lilly. Read More