Monday, May 28, 2012

Mickey Shunick's Bike has been found under a bridge as police search river

The bicycle of missing student Michaela 'Mickey' Shunick was discovered under a bridge today more than a week after she disappeared.

Fishermen found the 22-year-old's bike at Whiskey Bay on the Atchafalaya River, Louisiana. Her
family were brought to the scene by police and confirmed it was her black and gold Schwinn.

The bike's condition was not released and authorities began searching the river by boat. Divers planned to go in when the current became less strong.

Two days prior to her bike being found, police revealed they had uncovered surveillance footage of the student riding her bike.

Two videos show the University of Louisiana student on St John Street and St Landry Street in Lafayette. In both videos a white four-door pick-up truck is seen to pass by after Miss Schunick and date from 1.47am and 1.48am when the student had left a friend's house on May 19.

'Investigators are seeking information regarding a white newer model four door pickup truck, which was captured on video after Mickey Shunick traveled on both streets,' said a statement from the Lafayette Police Department. Read More