Sunday, May 27, 2012

Marquita Burch is arrested after missing 1-year-old is found dead

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19)- What began as a missing child case in the City Heights area of Covington on Friday night has become a murder case in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Police say Marquita Burch has been arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence in connection with the case of 1-year-old William Cunningham. Burch reported Cunningham missing prompting a 5-hour search by neighbors, police and fire fighters. However, during questioning police after found discrepancies in her story. Burch then recanted her story, telling Covington detectives that Cunningham died in Cincinnati on Sheehan Avenue in Hartwell.

A Covington woman who joined the search, but doesn't want to be identified says she furious and calls Burch a "sick, sick individual."

The woman's says Burch, who relatives of the baby used to call a trusted family friend, was supposed to be babysitting William and even joined in the search. "She combed these hills, the trails with us crying out William's name. I mean we had senior citizens out here trying to comb these woods looking for William.

Sam Johnson who also lives in City Heights says police were going door to door looking for the baby who was called Little Will. "The cops come knocking on the door. I guess they was the cops or the SWAT team or something and they showed me a picture of the little baby and I said no I never seen him."

Burch then directed Cincinnati homicide detectives to an apartment on Winton Road where she had taken the body. Cunningham's body was found in a hall closet within the apartment. Family members tell FOX19 that Burch was Cunningham's babysitter. Read More