Friday, May 18, 2012

Marc Kirvin stole handbag of woman who had just been decapitated after being hit by lorry

A thief stole the handbag of a hit-and-run victim as her decapitated body lay in the road, a court heard yesterday.

Marc Kirvin, 46, picked up the bag, which contained £1,600 in cash, minutes after grandmother Sawari Ashraf, 62, was hit by a lorry.

The impact propelled Mrs Ashraf’s bag 400ft from her body and Kirvin claimed he did not know an accident had occurred.

He told police he was looking for work that day and had taken the money ‘because of greed’.

His arrest came after CCTV pictures were published of the theft – during which he also took the dead woman’s shoes – on March 29 in Longsight, Manchester.

The grisly nature of the incident also led to ghoulish onlookers taking sick pictures of the scene and posting them on the internet.

Jennifer Baines, prosecuting, said she accepted it was plausible that Kirvin, who was travelling in a different lorry, may not have been aware of the crash as there had been little reaction by motorists in that area and there had been no obvious debris.

She added: ‘The most aggravating feature in this case is because he took the handbag, police had no identification and the lady’s family weren’t aware for two days that their mother and their grandmother had been taken from them.’ Read More