Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lifting the lid on the man behind 'Vatileaks'

The Catholic Church has been thrown into crisis by the arrest of one of those closest to Pope Benedict - his butler, Paolo Gabriele.

Gabriele has gone from serving the pontiff hot meals and helping him dress to being the subject of a formal investigation that has set the Italian media ablaze with intrigue and speculation.

The scandal involves the leaking of a string of documents to Italian media in January and February, including personal letters to the Pope.

The claims Gabriele leaked a paper trail of corruption, mismanagement and cronyism within Vatican ranks have rocked the tiny city-state's administrative foundations.

The documents form the cornerstone of the book His Holiness - an exposé into political bribes paid through the Vatican bank - and blame is now being levelled squarely at the 46-year-old layman.

But who is Gabriele, and what led him to spark the scandal that has already been dubbed 'Vatileaks'? Read More