Friday, May 25, 2012

Kenneth Kelsall stamped on young woman's head in vicious 'hate crime' simply because she was dressed as a goth

A drunken thug who stamped repeatedly on a young woman's head aboard a crowded tram simply because she was dressed in goth-style clothes was today facing a lengthy jail term.

Kenneth Kelsall, 47, battered innocent Melody McDermott after he and his accomplice Gareth Farrar, 43, spotted her on the tram in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Kelsall first headbutted 22-year old Melody inside the carriage, sending her reeling across the floor.

She managed to struggle to her feet and kicked out at the tram doors but Farrar then bundled her into the corner as other passengers looked on in horror.

Kelsall then repeatedly punched Melody and viciously stamped on her head and face five times as she lay between two seats.

Farrar thumped Melody’s friend Stephen Stafford, 29, and aimed two punches at Melody before running off.

Melody suffered a fractured eye socket and swelling to her face and body and Stephen sustained a black eye and an ear injury in the attack on a Metrolink passenger tram near Bury, Greater Manchester. Read More