Friday, May 4, 2012

Kenisha Thomas stabbed her 8-month-old daughter five times during a supervised visit

The Baltimore Police Department has released the 911 calls from a Department of Social Services office where authorities said a mother stabbed her 8-month-old daughter five times during a supervised visit.

According to the Baltimore Sun, 29-year-old Kenisha Thomas was arrested on April 25 and charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault and child abuse for allegedly stabbing her daughter, Pretty Diamond, in the head, neck and chest.

William Purnell Short III, who works at Baltimore's social services office on East Biddle Street, told detectives that he ran into Room 117 after hearing a scream and saw a woman holding a baby on a table and pressing a kitchen knife to her throat.

'I'm going to kill her,' police quoted Thomas as saying.

Short threw a chair at the mother's face, forcing her to let go of the baby, who fell with the knife lodged in her neck. The 23-year social services veteran then grabbed Thomas and restrained her until help arrived, police said.

The infant survived the attack and was taken to Johns Hopkins Children's Center, where she has since been recovering. Read More