Thursday, May 10, 2012

Karen Matthews' new look as she begins her new life of freedom...after serving just half of her eight year sentence

With a trendy, short hair-cut, Karen Matthews is trying her best to conceal her identity from the British public.

The 36-year-old no longer sports the long, greasy red hair which made her so recognisable to millions of disgusted people up and down the country.

The warped mum faked the kidnap of her own daughter Shannon in a bid to claim reward money and was jailed for the horrifying crime in 2008.

She was freed from prison last month after serving just half of her eight year sentence.

And as these pictures show, Matthews is now strolling freely through the streets near her bail hostel in the Home Counties with a completely new look.

Clad in a cream coat and blue jeans, the ex-convict looked calm as she returned to her bail hostel following a trip out with another woman today. Read More