Friday, May 25, 2012

Joseph Bucci facing 14 YEARS in jail after going on spending spree when bank puts $70k in his account in error

A man is facing a 14-year jail sentence after he spent almost $70,000 that was put into his bank account by mistake.

Joseph Bucci, from Trevose, Pennsylvania, was stunned with he discovered $69,300 in his account - particularly as, only a week before, his balance had been a mere $35.

However, instead of telling the bank there had been a mistake he did what, no doubt, many would be tempted to do: He spent it.

Unemployed Bucci bought himself a used Pontiac, a golden retriever and a trip to Orlando with the money.

He also splashed out on food, furniture and clothes - as well as paying off bills for his family members, it was reported.

The money was due to be placed in escrow for an estate but a typo made by a bank teller at Wells Fargo resulted in the money being transferred to Bucci's account instead.

The bank realised the error when the recipients noticed their money was missing and contacted police. Read More