Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jonathon Hoffman begged 911 dispatcher for help after grandmother shot him... and yelled he had been shot again before he died at Detroit condo

The 17-year-old boy shot to death by his grandmother inside their suburban home begged a 911 dispatcher for help, saying he had been shot by the woman and was going to die, a court has heard.

After three minutes on the line to emergency services, Jonathan Hoffman then cried out that she had shot him again.

When officers arrived on the scene in West Bloomfield, Michigan, they heard more shots and the teen was found unresponsive upstairs at the home with eight bullet wounds. He later died in hospital.

The grim details about the final moments of a teenage boy’s life were revealed in a Michigan court on Tuesday as Sandra Layne, 74, awaits trial for her grandson's murder.

The police tape was played so that the court could hear Jonathon Hoffman frantically tell a 911 dispatcher he had been shot in the chest by his grandmother Sandra Layne and was going to die.

By the time officers arrived at the family's upscale condo in a Detroit suburb, at least four more shots from a .40-caliber handgun had been pumped into the high school senior.

Layne came to the front door with the gun in her right hand.

'While walking toward the officers, Ms. Layne exclaimed that she had just murdered her grandson,' detective Brad Boulet told the court. Read More