Thursday, May 17, 2012

Isaiah Sweet 'killed grandparents after telling friends he hated them and wanted them to die'

The grandson of an elderly couple who were found slain at their home over the weekend has been arrested and charged with their murders after he allegedly told friends he hated them and wanted to kill them.

Police captured Isaiah Sweet, 17, from Iowa, in Cedar Rapids after a short chase on Monday.

They had been looking for him since they found the bodies of Richard Sweet, 55, and Janet Sweet, 62, in their Manchester home on Sunday after relatives arrived for Mother's Day celebrations.

Police believe they were murdered on Friday. Since then, the teen used his Twitter page to post a number of cryptic messages which police believe are about the murders.

They included: 'Time to live my life', 'I'm f***ed up, torn down, I'm twisted, doorknob', and 'My phone is as big as hell right now'.

The teen was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the death of his grandparents, who he lived with.

After he was arrested the tweets continued on his alleged Twitter page, where he uses the pseudonym Isweet37. Read More