Sunday, May 13, 2012

Imprisoned for Defending Human Rights

After June 4th rights defender Huang Qi's release
from prison upon which he was diagnosed with terminal illness,
he continues to work hard everyday for the suffering
parents and students of the Sichuan earthquake.
On May 10th, two English reporters were forced by police
to leave while attempting to interview Huang Qi at China's Tianwang human rights center.
Huang Qi expressed that the two times he's been convicted,
Zhou Yongkang, the head of Political and Legislative Affairs Committee was involved.

Around 4pm on the 10th, founder of Tianwang Human Rights
Center, Huang QI, was sitting in his office, being interviewed by two reporters, a translator, and some petitioners.
Less than 1/10 into the interview, a few police and officials came
to check the English reporters credentials.
Rights defender Yan Wenhan, who was there at the time,
expressed that the police told English reporters that their interview was illegal.

Rights Defender Yan Wenhan: "They think these two reporters
did not go through the right procedures.
The first is their interview certificate; the second was that their
translator did not have relevant documents.
For these two reasons, the police considered their interview
to be illegal and required all interview contents to be deleted. Read More