Friday, May 25, 2012

Ian Turton Dies and Michael Easton Missing After falling into an Crocodile Infested River in India

One British man has died and another is missing after falling into a crocodile-infested river in India.

The men, reported to be Ian Turton, from York, and Michael Easton, from west London, went missing during an excursion on the Cauvery River near Bangalore, India.

One of the men is dead, thought to be Mr Turton, while the other, believed to be Mr Easton, is still missing.

The Foreign Office said local authorities are continuing to search the area.

A spokesman said: "We can confirm the death of a British national while on an excursion on the Cauvery River near Bangalore, India. Another British national is still missing.

"The local authorities continue their search of the area. We are providing consular assistance to the families."

No further details were provided.

It is feared that the men have been killed by crocodiles, which are very common along the 497-mile (800km) river.

Rescuers are said to have found the pair's inflatable dinghy, which bore puncture marks believed to have been caused by the creatures. Read More