Monday, May 7, 2012

Human rights lets Serbian accused of war atrocity that killed hundreds live here (UK) in council flat...And we are funding this yet again

He’s accused of being involved in the deaths of hundreds of wounded men and women in the Balkan War.

But Milan Sarcevic has been allowed to stay in Britain because throwing him out would violate his human rights.

Suspected war criminal Sarcevic was told by the Home Office that he must leave last year.

But a judge overturned the decision, and ruled his right to a ‘family life’ under Article 8 of the Human Rights Act means he can stay in Britain.

Sarcevic, a Serbian, is accused of taking part in the 1991 Vukovar massacre, one of the worst atrocities of the Balkans war, when up to 300 wounded Croats were beaten, executed and buried in a mass grave.

The 60-year-old first came to Britain more than a decade ago and, when refused asylum, returned to Croatia in September 2002.

But just eight months later he was allowed back into Britain to put in another asylum claim.

At the time the system was in chaos, and his case was neglected for nearly eight years, during which time he and his family settled in the UK.

When the Daily Mail tracked him down to the council flat where he lives with his wife and their daughter and granddaughter, he praised human rights laws for allowing his family to remain here. Read More