Monday, May 7, 2012

Holly Grigsby who 'killed four on brutal murder spree' won't face death penalty as she has no criminal history

A county prosecutor in Washington state won't seek the death penalty against alleged murderer Holly Grigsby.

Along with her boyfriend Grigsby is charged with going on a killing spree that left four people dead in Washington, Oregon and California.

Snohomish County prosecutor Mark Roe said the killing spree was led by David 'Joey' Pedersen and that while Grigsby's alleged crimes 'almost defy description' she didn't have prior criminal history.

Grigsby and her boyfriend David Pederson, 31, are awaiting trial on a string of murders committed last year in Oregon.

The couple, who have ties to white supremacist groups, have been charged with murdering Pedersen's mother and father. Read More