Monday, May 7, 2012

Hedgehog killer strikes again as more animals found dead, England

A sadistic killer who slaughters hedgehogs with a crossbow appears to have struck again.

A year ago, the News reported how six of the little animals had been butchered and lined up in a row in a park area at Yarrow Road in Cherry Hinton.

Now local resident Tracy Okten, who was contacted by a dog walker friend last June about the grisly incident, says another group of hedgehogs have been found dead, close to the community primary school.

Mrs Okten, 49, of Buffalo Way, said: “Another three hedgehogs are lined up, and they all seem to have been shot again with a crossbow.

“In some bushes nearby, there are some other hedgehog corpses as well. There could be as many as 10 altogether.

“It is very like what happened a year ago, and it might well be the same person or persons – I just don’t know.

“But whoever is responsible is obviously a lunatic. I really can’t imagine what would make someone want to do something like that. Read More