Monday, May 7, 2012

Heathrow now an 'open passage' for drugs and arms smugglers as border staff shortages reach crisis point

Officials at Heathrow Airport have been forced to stop screening passengers for drugs and guns because they're so short-staffed - a customs insider has sensationally revealed.

Staff shortages at Britain's busiest airport are now so severe, Heathrow has 'no border control' a senior official anonymously told The Observer newspaper.

The move creates an open passage for criminals to smuggle illegal contraband into Britain, with the Olympic Games just weeks away.

The official said: 'We have actually ceased doing (anti-smuggling operations) at the moment, even though they won't say they have. Word has already got around to criminal enterprises.'

The 'effective abandoment' means even suspicious travellers are being waved through, because there simply isn't enough staff to stop and search them.

The source, who has extensive experience on the frontline of Britain's borders, described an incident last week involving two Pakistani students accredited to work on the Olympic site.

He felt they posed a risk - but they were cleared without being searched. Read More