Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Greg Wetzel leaps onto subway track to rescue unconscious woman - seconds before train arrives

A father of two has been labelled a hero after rescuing an unconscious woman from the New York subway tracks.

Greg Wetzel, 40, was at the 72nd street subway station when the 50-year-old woman fell onto the tracks.

Seeing that there were only three minutes until the next train arrived, he jumped down to lift her out of the way.

Several onlookers on the platform helped Mr Wetzel hoist the woman up and out of danger.

'I saw a commotion and as I got closer I saw a woman unconscious laying across the tracks,' Mr Wetzel told ABC News.

As he clambered back to safety, there were barely sixty seconds spare before Mr Wetzel made it out of the way of the oncoming locomotive. Read More

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