Thursday, May 17, 2012

Green Tap Water in New Jersey: Officials insist it's safe to drink

Running the tap in Toms River, New Jersey, has some people turning green, but not in the way you might think.

The water in the coastal town has actually become green thanks to an overabundance of iron, though water experts insist that despite its hue, it's safe to drink.

The tinted tap is unnoticeable in small amounts, such as a glass of water, but in larger pools and tubs, the disturbing coloration comes out loud and unclear.

Two weeks ago, Toms River resident Ed Lefebvre started to fill up his pool for the summer season.

He told CBS that he cleaned, drained and refilled it several times, even pouring in a variety of chemicals, but could not figure out what was causing the coloration.

'The water is green coming out of the tap,' Mr Lefebvre said to CBS.

Several other residents are experiencing the same problem and are afraid to drink, cook, or water their lawns with the funky water.

But New Jersey American Water (NJAM), the utility that provides the water, maintains that there's nothing wrong with the quality, it's just a bit of discoloration. Read More