Friday, May 18, 2012

Gordon Collins-Faunce 'beaten to death by his father' ....Why didn't anyone help ten-week-old Baby when he was in Hospital Last Month with BROKEN Arm

The grandfather of the ten-week-old boy who was beaten to death allegedly by his father last week wants to know why previous abuse was not flagged up by Child Protection Services.

Gordon Collins-Faunce, 23, from Maine, is accused of picking up baby Ethan Henderson by the head, squeezing his skull and throwing him so violently into a chair, he snapped his neck.

When Ethan arrived at the hospital, doctors noted he had older brain injuries and described him as a 'dirty child' with nappy rash and an unwashed belly button.

He died three days later from severe bleeding to the brain.

His mother, 23-year-old Christina Henderson, was at work at the time.

Irving Faunce - former mayor of Gardiner and Wilton selectman, and a health care consultant - wants to know why the family were not contacted or why CPS did not act.

'A report and follow-up could easily have prevented Ethan's death,' he told the Portland Press Herald. Read More