Sunday, May 27, 2012

Getting Ready for the Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift is coming that will change everything about the way people work, learn, and interact – it will be the beginning of a new age and the shape that age takes depends greatly on the number of informed people that take part in it and where they decide to steer it.

Already, the top minds across a variety of industries are converging and preparing for the shift. One such group, an educational institute called “Singularity University” comprises of innovators, teachers, scientists, and engineers from both the private and public sector. Some could be considered elitists interested in consolidating power, others are truly forward thinking and interested in a better world for all of mankind.

Video: An introduction as to what “Singularity University” is. It is easy to pick out good and bad people, corporations, and agendas involved in Singularity University, it is much more difficult to determine what its overall agenda is. It may be possible, if average people became informed on a large scale, to steer its agenda toward what benefits humanity as a whole, rather than a handful of corporations.

The battle that will play out depends entirely on the general public becoming informed and active in the coming paradigm shift, guiding it toward a society of solidarity and progress rather than one of disparity between enslavement and superiority. Analyzing Singularity University’s website and video productions, the impression is one of a multitude of ideas and directions – not a predetermined agenda, so far. Read More