Friday, May 25, 2012

Georgia Davis 'Britain's fattest teen' had to be cut free from home

A teenager who weighs more than 350kg had to be cut free from her home by emergency services during an eight-hour ordeal because she was too big to leave the house.

Georgia Davis, 19, of Aberdare in South Wales, reported feeling unwell and the decision was made to try and safely remove her from her terraced house.

However, it took a 40-strong team eight hours before they could safely get her out of the house and to hospital, with the operation including emergency services crews, fire engines, search and rescue vehicles, ambulances, police cars, scaffolders and council workers.

Builders reportedly had to remove external and internal walls and a window in order to get her out on a special stretcher and it was reported there was a crane on standby if needed, but it was not used. Large sheets were erected to give Miss Davis some privacy, with one police officer telling the Daily Mail: "This is not a freak show." Read More