Friday, May 25, 2012

Gang snatched schoolboy, 14, off street and threatened to behead him unless family paid £40,000 ransom

A gang of thugs kidnapped a 14-year-old and told his parents they would chop his head off if they didn’t pay a £40,000 ransom, a court heard.

Abdal Miah, 29, Liban Mohammed, 20, Anjam Shaffique, 30, and Carlos Treazure, 27, are on trial accused of snatching the unnamed youngster off the street.

The terrified teen was allegedly taken outside an off-licence in Sheffield, South Yorks., dragged into a car, and driven to a rural village - where he was eventually released eight hours later.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the teenager had a hood placed over his head, and was forced to make phone calls to his father and mother relaying his abductors’ ransom demands.

Alistair MacDonald QC, prosecuting, said the youngster was talking to friends outside Bir’s Beers on Staniforth Road, when he was snatched at around 4pm on October 31 last year. Read More