Monday, May 7, 2012

Facebook stops users making 'irrelevant' posts...Facebook is Becoming like the European Court of Human Rights Protect the Criminals, Ignore the Rest

The powers that be at Facebook are now blocking comments they consider ‘irrelevant or inappropriate’ before they can be posted – leading to an outcry of further censorship from the social networking giant.

Policing comments before they are shown appears to be a new security method that Facebook had not thought to flag up to its users.

However, the controversial new system was quickly exposed when Robert Scoble, a well-respected technological blogger, had one of his comments blocked yesterday.

He had tried to post an inoffensive comment about the nature of blogging to a fellow tech but was prevented from doing so.

Instead, he was sent an error message that read: 'This comment seems irrelevant or inappropriate and can’t be posted. To avoid having comments blocked, please make sure they contribute to the post in a positive way.'

Scoble, who has previously worked as a strategist for Microsoft, wasted no time in posting the comment on his Google+ page along with an explanation detailing how Facebook had blocked his message.

Scoble’s post about the incident has received almost 500 comments with other people adding that Facebook has disallowed their seemingly mundane messages as well. Read More