Monday, May 7, 2012

EU plan to open welfare system to non-member migrants ...Only the UK would fall for this, Other EU countries REFUSE and always have done

Britain is launching a battle against EU plans to force the government to allow non-Europeans a benefit allowance.

They have been angered by an EU proposal to sign a deal with Turkey without Britain’s agreement, which could mean Turkish citizens’ would gain access to the UK welfare system.

Chris Grayling, the employment minister, has told British officials in Brussels to argue against the plans later this month, which encroach further on British sovereignty.

He is concerned that the move will pave the way for welfare deals with other countries outside the EU.

Mr Grayling said: 'The government takes the very firm view there should be no opening up of our welfare system to people coming from abroad who do not intend to work and contribute to British society.

'Our arrangements are for Britain to decide, not Brussels. I’m not happy with the way that the EU is behaving. Europe should not be negotiating social security agreements on our behalf, that’s why we’re going through the courts to stop them,' reported The Sunday Times. Read More