Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ensar Gol who bragged on Facebook that he would cover London in blood stabbed his English wife and mother-in-law to death in ‘senseless slaughter’

A holiday romance ended in a bloodbath with a wife and her mother stabbed to death in a scene straight from an X-rated horror movie, a jury heard today.

The accused posted on Facebook hours before the double murder, saying that his English bride and mother 'would be cut'.

Ensar Gol, who had fallen out with bride Michala following their Turkish fling and subsequent wedding, even had sex with another woman before going on his murderous rampage.

A jury heard that the 22-year-old knifed his wife and mother-in-law to death and tried to kill a family friend before scooping up a three-year-old girl and carrying her through the streets, the kitchen knife murder weapon in his other hand.

Details of the horrific double murder were given to the jury at the start of Gol’s trial at Oxford Crown Court.

He sat in the dock, dressed in a bizarre grey robe with a white belt and scarf.

They heard that before the killing spree, Gol wrote on Facebook: 'Have a look, all the English papers will talk about me tomorrow. The crazy wolf Turkish Turk who covered London in blood. The knife is ready, you know I’m handy with a knife.' Read More