Friday, May 25, 2012

David Cameron are you a LIAR? Or did you make Promises in 2007 just to get Elected?

This from an article in The Sun by David Cameron promising a referendum on the EU "reform treaty" 2007

the moment the EU Constitution was dreamt up by elites in Brussels, the Conservative Party’s squadron was first in the air, demanding a referendum in this battle for our country’s future.

Since then, we have been keeping up the fight, looking out for the interests of Britain.

There is a second reason why I want a referendum on the treaty. One of the great challenges we face is rolling back the tide of bureaucracy that is drowning our country in regulations and forms. And you can’t do that without targeting one of the main sources of this bureaucracy — Brussels.

Because it is Europe that ties our businesses up in red tape. And it is Europe that ties the hands of our courts. We won’t be able to deal with any of this unless we have a referendum.

The final reason we must have a vote is trust. Gordon Brown talks about “new” politics.
But there’s nothing “new” about breaking your promises to the British public. It’s classic Labour. And it is the cancer that is eating away at trust in politics. Small wonder that so many people don’t believe a word politicians ever say if they break their promises so casually.

If you really want to signal you’re a break from the past, Prime Minister, do the right thing — give the people the referendum you promised.

Today, I will give this cast-iron guarantee: If I become PM a Conservative government will hold a referendum on any EU treaty that emerges from these negotiations.

No treaty should be ratified without consulting the British people in a referendum. Source