Friday, May 25, 2012

Christopher Riley overcome with remorse after seeing himself knock out innocent man on BBC travels 190 miles to hand himself in

A thug travelled 190 miles to hand himself in to police immediately after watching footage of himself attacking an innocent man on Crimewatch.

Christopher Riley, 23, punched Scott Huxtable on a Valentine's Day night out in Bath, Somerset, in an 'unprovoked' attack which left Mr Huxtable unconscious.

CCTV footage captured Riley knocking Mr Huxtable, 23, out cold with a single punch before callously walking away - leaving his victim on the floor.

But Riley’s identity remained a mystery for three months after the attack until a police appeal showing the CCTV was broadcast on BBC Crimewatch on May 2.

He immediately recognised himself in the footage and jumped on a late-night train from his home in Oldham, near Manchester, to Bath - arriving at a local police station three hours later.

Today Riley appeared at Bath Magistrates Court, where he admitted one charge of assault. Read More