Saturday, May 12, 2012

Christopher Hunnisett Guilty of Murder in hate campaign against 'paedophiles'

A former altar boy has been convicted of bludgeoning to death his gay lover who he suspected to be a paedophile as part of a campaign to rid the world of sex offenders.

Christopher Hunnisett, 28, beat Peter Bick, 57, over the head with a hammer then walked into a nearby police station to confess to the killing.

The cold blooded killer - who claimed to have been the victim of sexual abuse in the past - had added Mr Bick to a hit-list after meeting him on the internet – despite there ‘not being a shred of evidence’ that he was a paedophile.
After being found guilty of murder, Hunnisett leapt over the dock in an attempt to escape before being restrained by eight security guards.

He subsequently wept as the verdict was handed down to him.

Hunnisett, from Hastings, Sussex, had previously denied one count of murder at Lewes Crown Court, saying in April, last year, ‘It is not wrong to try and stand up to evil in this world’. Read More