Wednesday, May 2, 2012

China denounces U.S. as dissident leaves embassy

(Reuters) - Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng left the U.S. Embassy in Beijing on Wednesday "of his own volition" after six days, the Foreign Ministry said, and a senior U.S. official said he planned to stay put in China.

China's Foreign Ministry denounced the United States for meddling in its internal affairs over the Chen affair. But the U.S. official said the two sides had worked "in an intense and but collaborative process" on the case and that the blind lawyer did not want to leave his homeland.

In what appears to be an unprecedented deal for a Chinese dissident, he would be moved to a "safe environment" where he could attend university.

Chen had not requested asylum or safe passage to the United States days after a daring escape from house arrest on April 21, the official said.

"This was an extraordinary case involving exceptional circumstances, and we do not anticipate that it will be repeated," a U.S. official said. Read More