Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cameron's £100 parenting class Boots vouchers to help tackle child yobbery.......More of our Our Tax Money being Wasted on some Idiotic Scheme

David Cameron is planning to stem the tide of child yobbery blighting Britain – by giving families £100 vouchers for parenting classes.

Mothers and fathers will be able to collect the free vouchers at some branches of Boots from tomorrow, entitling them to up to ten two-hour sessions on how to bring up their children.

The Prime Minister hopes the scheme will combat the breakdown in family discipline blamed for last year’s riots – and that using a High Street store to distribute the vouchers will end the stigma attached to parenting lessons.

Currently, the courts can impose such classes on irresponsible parents, but Ministers hope this scheme will make them ‘as normal and pleasant as going to a cookery or line-dancing class’. Read More