Sunday, May 13, 2012

Brian J. Weiss shot five times in the head and killer turns gun on himself during Suspected 'Russian Mafia' meeting in New York hotel

A man shot in a New York hotel on Thursday was involved in a disreputable business and may have had links to the Russian mafia, according to police.

Shot five times in the head in front of four witnesses, Brian J. Weiss, 31, was a top official in a Florida dietary supplement company that has been the target of thousands of consumer complaints.

His killer, Gary L. Zalevsky, 47, was observed by video surveillance footage standing up during a meeting with Weiss and four others at the Hilton Garden Inn in Queens, shooting Weiss five times in the head and then turning the gun on himself.

The four surviving members of the meeting tried to leave the hotel without phoning 911, but the police of 106th Precinct rounded them up, although three of them immediately obtained lawyers.

'They are not speaking to us,' said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, according to a report in the New York Times. Read More