Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bob Furnad chairman of the FaithWorks Christian Fellowship caught on camera putting dog faeces in neighbor's mailbox

A retired CNN executive has been fined $180 for putting dog faeces through his neighbour's postbox.

Bob Furnad, former president of CNN Headline News, placed the offending offering outside the Atlanta home of Benjamin Dameron and Ralph Miller.

The two men have video of Furnad walking his black and white dog up to the box and putting the package inside.

'We were working, getting ready for a wedding and we were out on the driveway,' Mr Dameron told CBS Atlanta.

Furnad told Covington News that he pulled the smelly stunt due to a long-standing feud. Read More

He retired from the network in 2001 after working as the president of headline news since 1997.

More recently, Furnad has been an associate professor at the University of Georgia and is chairman of the FaithWorks Christian Fellowship.

Not that his recent behaviour has honored the 'love thy neighbour' Christian mantra.