Sunday, May 27, 2012

Big Green Oil Money: WWF founded and run by Royal Dutch-Shell Oil

If any person or group dares to question the great global warming and climate change orthodoxy, green clerics will first attempt to discredit them – normally by leaping across the table and pointing the finger of shame right in their face, exclaiming, “You’re funded by Big Oil!”

That makes it all the more ironic when you consider who first funded, and later ran the great global flag ship for the modern green movement…

Donna Laframboise‘s recent article entitled, The WWF’s Vast Pool of Oil Money chronicles the rise the globalist green charity – seeded with funding from global petroleum giant Royal Dutch Shell, who’s former President of 15 years, John Loudon, later served as president of WWF International for four years after that.

In 1961 Shell Oil forked-out the handsome sum of £10,000 to help found WWF-UK, money that in today’s terms equates to £418,000 – or $663,000 (see the historical calculator here).

But that’s only the beginning. WWF continued to ride the wave of oil cash for the next 40 years – from giants like BP, Shell and others, until the year 2000. Read More