Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Banksy' Jubilee graffiti of sweatshop boy with sewing machine appears overnight at London bargain store

A new piece of stencilled graffiti, possibly by Banksy, has appeared overnight on the wall of a Poundland shop in London.

It shows a young Asian boy hunched over a sewing machine with real Union Flag bunting attached - and given the artist's controversial past works, it could be a dark reflection on the imminent Olympics or the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

However, as the pictures below show, someone later removed the bunting, which had been attached high across the wall.

Residents near Turnpike Lane in Haringey, north London, noticed the artwork this morning on the side of the nearby bargain store - which sells similar bunting - and has itself been at the centre of controversy. Read More