Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amy Freeman and Daughter Ainsley Freeman Found Shot in their Home

Authorities in the U.S. suspect a mother killed her 13-year-old daughter then shot herself after becoming paranoid about her teenager's online relationship with a boy.

Police said Amy Freeman Burton's husband found her and their daughter Ainsly after they had been shot in their home in Pleasanton, California on Monday evening.

Mrs Freeman Burton, 37, died of a gunshot wound before officers could reach the scene.

Her daughter Ainsly was found alive and rushed to the Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, but died later that night.

Investigators have discovered messages and photos that Ainsly was swapping with a 16-year-old boy in Kentucky.

Ms Burton's husband said his wife had grown 'paranoid' about their teenager's online communications. Read More

Note: This report in the Daily Mail indicates that it is a case of Murder-Suicide, while the Pleasanton Police announced that they at this time could not determine if this was the case and are still treating it as a Homicide Investigation.

Pleasanton police announced Wednesday that preliminary autopsies on a mother and teenage daughter found shot Monday couldn't determine if it was a murder-suicide.

Police said they are still treating it as a homicide investigation as they await more test results on the bullets and a handgun found near the bodies.

Amy Freeman Burton, 37, and her daughter Ainsley Freeman, 13, were found in their Stacey Court home about 6 p.m. Monday by Christopher Burton, Freeman Burton's husband and Ainsley Freeman's stepfather.

Early autopsy results show that both suffered single gunshot wounds to the head, and that Ainsley Freeman most likely didn't shoot herself, said Lt. Jeff Bretzing.

He added that results were unclear on whether Amy Freeman's wound was self-inflicted, but it is not being ruled out and police are awaiting lab tests that won't be available until next week.
"We would love to make a determination to make people at ease but until we have all the facts, we can't do that," Bretzing said. "We are still awaiting evidence on the prints, if any, on the gun and DNA."

The bullets recovered were consistent with the handgun found near the victims, but police were also unable to determine if the gun was the one used and are awaiting lab results.

Bretzing said Christopher Burton is not a suspect and continues to cooperate with police.

Freeman Burton's mother, Linda Walp, who lives in Missouri, told a St. Louis newspaper Wednesday that her daughter told her she had been receiving death threats after she told police and the FBI about a man involved in a child porn ring who was trying to befriend Ainsley via the Internet.

Bretzing said police have no record of Freeman Burton reporting death threats. In February, Pleasanton police and the FBI did investigate a report that Ainsley had been text messaging with a suspicious man. The investigation revealed it was a 16-year-old boy from Kentucky, and that no crime had been committed. Read More