Friday, May 4, 2012

Amaury Villa and Amed Villa Arrested after two years on the run over $80m pharmaceutical drug heist which was biggest in US history

Two brothers arrested for the biggest pharmaceutical drug theft in U.S history might have got away with it had one of them not touched a bottle of water at the scene of the crime.

Charged in Florida on Thursday, Amaury Villa, 37 and Amed Villa, 46 are accused of stealing $80 million in drugs from a Connecticut warehouse in an elaborate scheme that could have come straight out of a Hollywood heist movie.

Brought in after a three-year FBI investigation, the crucial piece of evidence was a small bottle of water Amed touched, recovered from the 70,000 square-foot warehouse they robbed in Enfield, Connecticut.

The Cuban citizens, who reside in Miami, were described by the FBI as having run a sophisticated gang of warehouse thieves and truck-hijackers, responsible for millions of dollars worth of stolen goods being transferred across the East Coast and Midwest of the United States. Read More