Monday, May 7, 2012

Al Qaeda releases chilling video of American hostage begging for his life

An American hostage held by Al Qaeda urges Barack Obama to meet the militant group's demands and set him free in a video released by Al Qaeda yesterday.

Warren Weinstein, who was taken prisoner in Pakistan last August, tells the U.S. President: 'My life is in your hands,' and says: 'If you accept the demands, I live, if you don't accept the demands, then I die.'

The two-minute 40-second video was posted on jihadist forums by Al Sahab, Al Qaeda's media arm.

Among the demands made are an end to U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere; and the release of notable Al Qaeda members.

Weinstein, 70, opens the statement telling his wife Elaine that he was in good health 'and being taken care of,' and then pleaded with Obama to 'accept the demands quickly and don't delay'.

He appeals to Obama as a family man, saying: 'If you respond to them then I will live and hopefully rejoin my family and also enjoy my two daughters like you enjoy your two daughters.' Read More