Tuesday, May 15, 2012

4,000 foreign criminals the Government wants to deport are at large in Britain...and 800 have been here more than five years

Nearly 4,000 foreign criminals whom the Government wants to deport are at large in the community, figures showed today.

Some 2,500 were released from jail more than two years ago and more than 800 have been out for more than five years, UK Border Agency (UKBA) statistics showed.

Rob Whiteman, the agency’s chief executive, admitted foreign criminals were not being deported quickly enough as he blamed the delays on the lengthy judicial processes, difficulties obtaining documents from other countries and deliberate attempts to frustrate the system.

The revelation is further embarrassment for the UKBA, which was heavily criticised by MPs last month after it emerged fewer than 40 per cent of 1,000 foreign criminals released from prison in a border scandal six years ago had been deported. Read More