Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yonas Fikre a U.S. Muslim was detained and 'tortured at FBI's request' in UAE

An American Muslim claims that he was detained for three months, arrested, beaten and tortured at the request of the FBI while he was on a business trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Naturalised U.S citizen, 33-year-old Yonas Fikre claimed at a press conference in Sweden, that the FBI tracked him across two continents before having him arrested while in Abu Dhabi in June of last year.

While being held by non-uniformed police in the U.A.E, the Portland, Oregon resident alleges that the soles of his feet were beaten with hoses and sticks and that each evening for 105 days he was told he would be released ‘tomorrow’.

Currently on a no-fly list which prohibits him from returning to the United States, Fikre believes this is not because he is a risk to his adopted country, but rather it is being used by the FBI as a means of extracting information out of him about Portland's Masjid as-Sabr mosque, about which he says he knows nothing of value. Read More