Friday, April 27, 2012

UK serial cat killer feared to have claimed 48th victim

LONDON - A mystery serial cat killer is suspected of claiming their 48th victim after another 14 pets died from anti-freeze poisoning in the same area.

It is feared that the recent spate of slayings may be the handiwork of the same person thought to be behind 34 other cat deaths in Somerset in the past few years.

All the cats are understood to have been killed by eating food laced with anti-freeze, which causes the animals to suffer a slow and painful death.

Police and animal welfare workers have previously investigated a series of similar cat deaths in Bridgwater and Stogursey, Somerset.

But pet owners and police fear the so-called "cold cat killer" is now targeting the feline population in nearby Taunton where the most recent deaths occurred.

All 14 cats have been found dead within one mile of each other in Priorswood, Taunton, in the past month and several more have been reported missing.

Concerned cat owners in the town have posted leaflets to over 100 homes warning them of the danger and have locked their pets indoors. Read More