Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two die, five in hospital, after flu outbreak in Swansea nursing home, Wales

TWO patients have died and five are in hospital following a flu virus outbreak in two Swansea nursing homes.

Public Health Wales is investigating the outbreaks which have also affected staff.

Eight patients at one home have tested positive for influenza A and of those, five have been hospitalised and two have died.

A further nine patients and three staff there have been unwell with symptoms of flu.

Thirty of the 38 patients at the nursing home have been offered the antiviral Tamiflu – 10 because they are already unwell and 20 to prevent them from becoming unwell.

At the second nursing home, 12 out of 46 patients have been ill with flu-like symptoms and nine people have tested positive for influenza A.

One person from the home has been admitted to hospital.

Dr Jörg Hoffmann, consultant in communicable disease control for Public Health Wales, said yesterday: “Flu circulates in the UK between October and April and is not uncommon to see outbreaks in closed communities like nursing homes, where the disease can spread easily. Read More