Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas with more to Come

Tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas on Saturday and residents of the US Plains states braced for a predicted major outbreak of dangerous nighttime twisters.

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes were expected in the evening over parts of the three states, the National Weather Service said, and severe storms were also possible from Texas to Iowa to South Dakota and Minnesota.

"Conditions will remain favorable for strong to violent and possibly long-lived tornadoes into the overnight hours," the National Weather Service said in an advisory on Saturday afternoon.

"Tornadoes during the overnight hours can be particularly dangerous because they are usually fast-moving and obscured by rain and darkness," it added. No deaths or injuries were immediately reported from Saturday's tornadoes by early evening. Violent twisters appeared restricted to mostly underpopulated areas.

In northwestern Oklahoma, a tornado touched down for less than a minute in the afternoon, said Rick Smith, a National Weather Service meteorologist in Norman. Tennis-ball-sized hail fell in the region, the weather service said. Read More