Friday, April 13, 2012

Tajikistan Is Primed for Revolution and Regime Change

[The highly inept Tajik government has maneuvered itself to the edge of a crevasse. The entire world anxiously watches to see whether it is pressure from Tashkent, Moscow, or Washington, which pushes the government of Emomalii Rahmon over the edge.

Unlike many other facets of the East-West struggle, the fate of the world truly hangs in the balance over the contest between America and Russia for the soul of Tajikistan. If Russia loses Tajikistan to pressure from Obama and his Uzbek proxy, Islam Karimov, then Russia also loses its only military base in close proximity to Afghanistan.

If Tajikistan falls, it will have a domino effect that will sweep Russian influence from the southern Stans, perhaps costing them access to all of the Stans. Putin would never passively accept such a total rout from so vital a region. Pushing for open conflict with the Uzbek antagonist is playing with fire--no matter who is behind the push.] Read More