Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Syrian activists' claim Tortured bodies found in Homs hospital (Claims could not be verified)

(CNN) -- Anti-government fighters found the bodies of 78 people, apparently tortured to death, in a refrigerator at a hospital in Homs, Syria, captured from government forces Monday, opposition activists said.

CNN could not independently confirm the activists' claim because the government severely restricts access by international journalists.

The Syrian military used the Homs National Hospital as a detention center "for all those violating the regime's law, meaning opposing the government," said activist Tariq al Homsi, who was in the embattled city.

"We know people were captured and taken there to be tortured, and many activists and youths were taken," he said. "The bodies found had marks of torture. Even though they had gunshot wounds, they were in the shoulder or leg. It appears they died of torture, not the gunshots." Read More